About us

Our company

Interalia is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  For over 40 years, Interalia has been providing quality products and solutions ensuring that our customers can create and deliver quality messages anytime, anywhere and anyplace with maximum flexibility. We understand time is expensive, so our products are designed to be feature rich, easy to use, and require minimum effort to configure. In addition, we strive to maintain carrier grade reliability of 99.999%. 


We take pride in our agile design process. It allows us to quickly adapt to changing market or customer requirements, while delivering quality products. Before any product is released for manufacturing, it must run through an exhaustive product verification cycle to ensure that it will consistently perform in the field.

Our products are installed world-wide, covering a multitude of different messaging requirements. There is a high probability that if you have heard an on-hold or over-head paging message, it was from one of our products.

Together with our partners, Interalia has been satisfying customer’s needs for applications such as: marketing on hold, public information lines, health and welfare bulletins, weather and road conditions, hotel wake-up calls, crisis notification, school lockdown, and many more.        

Our Staff

At Interalia, we take pride in having the best and brightest employees. Our hiring process is simple: We require passion and dedication. Every person in our organization brings a valuable and unique skill to the company, and are the key to our success. It's their skills and expertise that will be able to take Interalia into the next generation of products and services, while maintaining and improving our existing line of products.

ISO Certified

Interalia has held an ISO registration since 1992. Our current designation is ISO 9001:2008. All of Interalia's manufacturing processes and administration practices are regularly audited for compliance to these stringent process controls. These process controls have been developed by Interalia to ensure consistency in the quality of products and services we provide our customers.