Interalia's iProMOH-Mix is the ultimate tool to record every announcement for your phone systems. Quickly record, review and save files that can be uploaded to your phone system, voice mail, IVR, hosted phone service, VoIP system or music-on-hold player. 

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Operating System Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Minimum Display Resolution 1280x1024
Free Hard Drive Space 100 - 750 MB (depending on production size)
Minimum RAM 2 GB

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iProMOH-Mix uses our trademark music and message fade technique to give you a professional sounding production in just a few clicks.  Using an intuitive drag and drop and right click menu makes creating a production simple.  

  • Drop your music files into the music bin.
  • Drop your message files into the message bin, or record a new message directly through the application.
  • Select the duration music will play between each message.
  • Select the volume level that the music will fade down to when the message plays.
  • Select the "Preview Audio Production" at any time to hear what your production sounds like before saving.

From the main menu, you can select the input sampling rate, output sampling rate, as well as desired codec for compression.  This allows you to create the proper audio files for your particular VoIP phone system.

You can download and try the application free of charge.  The non-purchased version is full featured, but includes an audio watermark on the finished audio.  Once a valid license key is loaded, the watermark will be removed.

Simple Audio Mixer 4.0.5 Software Application

Simple Audio Mixer Installation and User Manual English

Instructional Video: