911 Pocket Call Filter

Interalia's 911 Pocket Call Solution
Reports estimate that up to 40% of all 911 calls are accidental “pocket calls.”
The culprit: cell phones.

Interalia's Pocket Call Filter:

Installed at your agency, advanced audio detection technology routes cell phone calls so that real emergencies get through to 911 operators—and pocket calls don’t. The product is easy to implement and requires no training for line staff other than letting them know that it has been activated.

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  • XMU+ is a fully featured, multitasking messaging platform, capable of expanding with your businesses needs.Whatever your messaging needs the XMU+ can deliver.
  • SBX2 Easily manage calls and announcements with the SBX2 Messaging System from Interalia. With a friendly Windows-based software interface and secure remote management options through TCP/IP, modem, and dial-up, SBX2 offers superior agility and ease-of-use to businesses seeking a versatile but simple messaging solution.
  • SLA is a cost effective single line digital voice announcer.Widely used as a hotel wake up announcer, SLA plays messages on your schedule.
  • iProMOH is a powerful marketing tool that enables Interalia customers to brand their business in real-time. Suitable for single sites or deployed  throughout a vast network
  • Voice is a multi channel digital voice announcer with simple date / time message settings; allowing your business to play the right message at exactly the right time
  • ATIS When messages are critical. Interalia's Automatic Terminal Information System is deployed at airfields of all sizes, both commercial and military to transmit weather and ground condition information to in and outbound aircraft.

“The XMU+ does the job - it meets our requirements for a recording device, providing controllers with efficiency gains and more time to focus on other responsibilities within the Control Tower environment. Interalia did everything to help us out and ensure the project went as smoothly as possible. "

Ed Blaser, Nav Canada