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Legal Notice

In North America it is illegal to use any commercial music (radio stations, compact disc, satellite radio, etc.) as your on-hold music source without an appropriate license. All of our iProMOH come pre-loaded with a four (4) minute clip of royalty free music to ensure compliance with broadcast laws. Ensure that any additional content is licensed for your intended use.

The four major music licensing organizations in North America are: Socan, ASCAP, BMI & SESAC.

For more information visit the following web sites:
The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers:

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada:



Interalia is a global leader in music-on-hold (MOH) and message announcement systems with over 250,000 installations world wide.

Typical applications of Interalia's products are:
  • ACD Announcements
  • In-store Announcments
  • Auto-Attendant
  • ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
  • Priority Announcements
  • Triggered Announcements
  • Information Lines
  • Dial by Name
  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Messaging and Music on Hold
  • Hotel Wake Up


Perhaps you’ve already experienced it, or you’re contemplating a purchase of Interalia equipment and you may have heard that Interalia is known for product quality or have read how our customers say “it never breaks”.

You might be wondering what that really means or remain skeptical. Are we just another company claiming to provide good customer service and superior products?

At Interalia, our reliability is supported by processes that embraces quality and ensures reliability for our users. It has allowed us to maintain our position as a world leader in music and messaging hardware for over 40 years. Quality to Interalia isn't just a line on a page, it is our lifeline to our customers.

Check out our customer feedback. We only posted a few of the thousands we receive, but who better to assure you that Interalia products "just don't break".


Ease of Use

Technology is supposed to enhance our lives, but all too often it tends to complicate them. In Telecom it is far too common that the simplest change of any system requires IT support, which is typically expensive 3rd party resources. At Interalia, we take great pride in the easy of use of our products. Our simple user interfaces allow you to reconfigure the devices with minimum effort and time.

Ease of use is a real-time measurement for our design teams. If a non-technical person cannot learn how to configure and use our equipment within 15 minutes, our engineers must find a way to simplify the user interface. Our admininstration staff are the final arbiters in our gate process. If they can't use the product, it simply doesn't pass.

Check out our customer feedback. We only posted a few of the thousands we receive, but who better to assure you that Interalia products "are so easy to set up" and "so easy to learn".



Interalia doesn't build single use devices. We understand that rack space is expensive, and our commitment to ease of use dictates that every feature must not be an added expense.

We have designed and built our hardware to ensure that our customers can create and deliver messages anytime, anywhere and anyplace with maximum flexiblilty.

Our products provide multiple messaging options from single sites to hundreds of locations around the world. If you have access to a handset or a computer, you can create and deliver messages to any of these locations with ease. The flexiblity of our solutions allow you to use the same device to play music on hold as well as crisis notifications, which reduces your infrastructure and implementation costs.

Our products support multiple applications, easily managed and delivered simultaneously. That is the value of Interalia's solutions and the flexibility inherent to all our products.



There is no question regarding the benefits of an effective messaging strategy for any organization that interfaces with business partners, customers or the general public. Whether you are selling your products and services, providing instruction, or advising people of an impending threat, Interalia has a solution for you.

Our solutions allow you to react to changes in real time, and modify your messaging appropriately. We allow you to deliver the message wherever and whenever it needs to be heard.

Interalia's suite of products provide full scalability and will satisfy your needs today, as well as your future requirements. With our customer validated reliability, ease of use, and flexibility, we have a product solution for your application.

When your message matters, Interalia has a solution that will deliver.


  • Reliable


  • Easy

    Ease of Use

  • Flexible


  • Effective


Featured Products and Solutions

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      Installed at your agency, advanced audio detection technology routes cell phone calls so that real emergencies get through to 911 operators—and pocket calls don’t. The product is easy to implement and requires no training for line staff other than letting them know that it has been activated.

      911 Pocket Call Filter - It is estimated that 40% of all 911 calls are accidental cellular phone “pocket calls”.
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      • 1-channel, 12 minute media storage capacity, USB powered.
      • Simple Audio Mixer software mixes music and messages to achieve studio quality results, without the incurred cost, and provides secure playback to a specific device or location.
      • Protect content with a user configurable stale date.

      iProMOH-One - The simplest solution for delivering quality on-hold, and overhead PA announcements.
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      • 2-channel, 18.5 hour media storage capacity, AC powered.
      • Simple Audio Mixer provides secure playback to a specific device or location.
      • Schedule messages, mix messages on stored music or live music streams.
      • Protect content with a user configurable stale date.

      iProMOH-SU - The most cost effective solution to create, implement, and broadcast a professional quality message.
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      Simple Audio Mixer (SAM) makes it easy for anyone to create a professional audio mix of music and messages files. You can record your own audio files or use professionally recorded files and create your own mix in just a few clicks. Simply drag and drop the files, set the interval and adjust the volume and it’s done!

      Simple Audio Mixer - Available for the iProMOH-SU, iProMOH-One and iProMOH-Mix.
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      iMCM is a hierarchical file management system for Content distribution and management locally, regionally, and globally. Select "About->Announcements" for the bulletin, and "Products->iMCM/iProMOH-v4" for more information.

      iMCM - Multi-Site Content Manager allows organizations with multiple locations to easily create and manage recorded announcements, music-on-hold, and overhead music and messaging.


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